The Wom*n’s Room


The Wom*n’s Room is a right, not a privilege. Any wom*n student at Melbourne Uni is entitled to use this space – it doesn’t matter if you’ve never been before, don’t know anyone, or how long you’ve been at uni! Whether there are people in there or it is empty when you arrive, you are always welcome. The room is a designated wom*n’s safe space. This means that all wom*n visiting for whatever reason, may feel safe to be themselves, and to feel comfortable, without having to share the space with men, or undergo male scrutiny. Wom*n’s safe space makes it more possible for women to talk to each other, collaborate, to discuss issues or read any literature/brochures etc, without embarrassment or self-censorship, to relax and enjoy the welcoming environment. It is a non-competitive and supportive place.

You can chill out here, study, rest, eat your lunch (from our beloved food co-op of course) or join in a discussion. Facilities in the Wom*n’s Room include (free!!) coffee & tea, tampons, pads, dams and condoms, and access to the fridge, microwave, couches, computer. There is information on women’s health, services for women both on and off campus, sexual and reproductive health, and fun stuff to get active and involved in. We have a large bookshelf full of wonderful wom*n-centred books you can borrow.

The Wom*n’s Room is a haven away from the patriarchal space on campus. It allows for autonomous organising. Come and develop ideas, network, learn skills and share experiences so we as wom*n can effectively respond to wom*n’s priorities. Your Wom*n’s officers aim to facilitate a safe, autonomous (wom*n only) space, free of queerphobia, racism, sexism and judgment.

Not to mention, the amazing group of women you will meet and get to know throughout your degree!

Unfamiliar with the idea of autonomous/wom*n’s only spaces?

Here are some articles that should help:

Our Safe Space Policy for using the Wom*n’s Room

The Wom*n’s Room is a Safe Space. To make sure all women are safe and comfortable in this room, please note that transphobia, racism, ableism, classism, fatphobia and misogyny is not acceptable in this space.

Do Not Assume:
1. You know any one else’s experience of gender and sexuality, or other details about their personal background. Do not make assumptions or statements about what is ‘normal’.
2. We have the same level of background knowledge. Try to clarify when some one makes a mistake. Avoid insider language like acronyms.
3. We have the same values of what is inherently wrong or right.
4. That it is the responsibility of other individuals to police your language.

Do assume:
1. That all women are welcomed and valued in this space, including trans women.
2. That sex workers use this space and are entitled to respect.
3. That we welcome women of faith to use this space for prayer. Please be considerate where prayer practice may require silence.
4. That we all come from different backgrounds and we all have an equal right to the freedom to be self-expressive without fear of being uncomfortable, unwelcome, or unsafe due to one’s biological sex, cultural background, age, mental/physical ability, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, gender expression, class.
5. That every one in this room is entitled to respect on the basis of the respect they extend to other perspectives and experiences.


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