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What’s happening with the Wom*n’s Dept

15 Mar


Hi everyone! A special hello to all the new people who’ve recently got involved with the dept – whether it’s been through coming to an event, or simply signing up to our website or joining the Facebook group. Hope to see you all soon, and don’t forget we know it’s really hard turning up to events or the wom*n’s room if you haven’t been before or in a while, so we will always be lovely and friendly if you are brave!

Here’s a quick update of what’s been happening, and what’s coming up.

International Women’s Day (IWD) was so great last week! The White Ribbon BBQ happened last Wednesday and was a huge success. So many people came to South Lawn to listen to the speakers and took the pledge to end violence against women.

The first Stitch’n Bitch got off to an awesome start this week. Had a good mix of crocheters and knitters… but no glue & glitterers yet 😉 It’ll be running again next Tuesday from 10am to around lunch time.

Special event: Free rad pad & moon cup workshop! Run with the lovely Environment Dept peeps, this Tuesday 20 March at 1pm in the wom*n’s room you can learn all about alternative menstruation products. If you haven’t heard of this stuff before, I know it can sound weird, but trust me, it’s worth knowing about even if it isn’t for you! Materials and friendly instructions will be provided.

Girlzone, a chilled hangout for queer or questioning ladies, run with the Queer Dept, is also going well. It was on today and will be on again in a fortnight.

  • Girlzone – Thursdays fortnightly 1:30pm in the wom*n’s room (next: 29 March)

The special IWD FFFILMS! screening of Miss Representation last Thursday was also fantastic with a big turn out – way more than we expected! – so thanks to everyone who came.

  • The next FFFFILMS! screening will be Princess Mononoke, Thursday 4:30pm – location to be confirmed
  • The following fortnight, due to popular demand, we might show Bring It On!

We’ve also started organising our big Semester One event with the Queer Dept: Rad Sex & Consent Week! We plan to have a great week 9 with talks, workshops and fun, learning or re-learning about sex, relationships, and consent, in a way that is wom*n positive, queer positive, enviro positive, kink positive, body positive, basically just a positive and supportive way!

Let us know if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see: think ‘something I’ve always wanted to know about sex but was too afraid to ask’!


Mural in the Wom*n’s Room

2 Feb

In case you haven’t heard, we have an fantastic project happening right now in the Wom*n’s Room. Amy’s brilliant efforts ensured we had a freshly painted and steam cleaned room all ready for 2012. And so on that seemingly new slate we were very lucky to be able to commission an amazing local street artist to paint a mural for us and bring some colour back to the room. Below I’ll intersperse pictures of the mural coming to life with our reasons for wanting to do this.

The clean (but still messy!) women's room

They even painted the bookshelves!

      •  It is part of our aim to attract many more students to the room.


      • We want to appeal to all students, and so are aiming to create a room with a wide mix of visual influences – we want an interesting and professional looking room.

Beginning the mural

      • The repainting that was just done has unfortunately resulted in lots of the artwork/writing created on the walls by previous users of the room being covered over, and we don’t want to ‘whitewash’ the room.

Undercoat complete!

      • Our department aims to utilise our budget both efficiently and, as much as possible, by supporting independently working women. In this case, we are choosing to support a female graffiti/street artist who works in an ‘industry’ that is heavily male dominated, and also lacks any formal efforts at working towards, or monitoring of, diversity. Where we do contract women, we aim to pay them in accordance with their skill level and time, as too much work by women is underpaid, or not paid at all.

Yay colours!

  •  Due to art generally and street art specifically being male dominated, we believe it is important to support and display women’s art. Providing a wall for a female artist is an incredible way to achieve this. We are also more generally supporting Melbourne’s street art scene through this project.

More colours and line work added

Up close

When we get the rest of the room tidied up, the new couches installed, and a few more bit and pieces sorted out the room is sure to look amazing. Hope you come by and check it out!

View from the doorway

– Bel

Working bee in the womn’s room!

23 Jan


As Amy mentioned on Facebook, we are having a working bee on Wednesday from 10am. A few lovely people put in a big effort today so there’s already a head start on the work. If you haven’t seen the room yet this year I think you’ll be surprised, it’s already looking totally different!

Something we started today was reorganising the small but awesome library in the room. All the books have been sorted chronologically, and we are working on creating a database of all the items we have so it will be possible to see the list online. Don’t forget to let us know if there’s anything you’d like that we don’t have – doesn’t matter if you haven’t read it yet – thats the point! 🙂

Hopefully see you Wednesday.


Food as a feminist issue

9 Oct

A photo of the Browns of River View, Australia with their weekly food displayed in the kitchen Photo from What The World Eats. Part One and Part Two.

Hi all, feminist discussion group is running tomorrow at 12 in the wom*n’s room. We’ll be discussing the topic:

Food is a Feminist Issue(?)

Continue reading

Farrago: Autonomous Spaces

28 Jul

This article in Farrago talks about autonomous spaces. While the specific example here is the Queer Room and the Queer Department, it is easy to see how these ideas can apply to the Wom*n’s Room and the Wom*n’s Department.

“Autonomous areas, which are reserved for the use of a particular identity group, are not always popular. The charge of “reverse discrimination” is often levelled: why should any group have access to resources that aren’t available to the wider population? Another criticism that worries me more is that autonomous spaces can be too exclusive. If entry is based upon adherence to a strictly defined identity group, then people who would otherwise benefit from access may be made to feel unwelcome…”

Have a read, and leave your responses in the comments.

WAC, when?

27 Jul

Wom*n’s Action Collective (WAC) (recurring event)

Womens Action Collective

Come along to brainstorm ideas for activities and events and get active! What awesome stuff will the wom*n’s department do this year? …It’s up to all you rad wom*n out there to get involved and decide!

The poll below is only an example at this stage, we will plug in the definite time slot choices soon.

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