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NOWSA wrap-up

28 Jul

A graphic of large multi-coloured letters reading NOWSA, and smaller plainer text in front reading Network Of Women Students Australia

A group of rad wom*n recently made the trek up to Sydney for NOWSA 2011 at the University of New South Wales.

Is anyone interested in doing a bit of a write up about it to post here?



WAC, when?

27 Jul

Wom*n’s Action Collective (WAC) (recurring event)

Womens Action Collective

Come along to brainstorm ideas for activities and events and get active! What awesome stuff will the wom*n’s department do this year? …It’s up to all you rad wom*n out there to get involved and decide!

The poll below is only an example at this stage, we will plug in the definite time slot choices soon.

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