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Summer Bulletin (aka there’s heaps of stuff to sign up for and put in your diary)

18 Jan

Happy New Year!

We’re back in Union House getting ready to plan a whole lot of activism and social events, generally designed towards smashing the patriarchy, empowering women, and destroying the joint (unless the joint has cupcakes in it, we’ll save the cupcakes).

While most of you probably aren’t back on campus yet, the Wom*n’s Room is open everyday, and if it isn’t pop by the UMSU offices on level one to the right of the stairs and we will open it up.

Student Representative Network is open for applications – if you’ve ever wondered how the Uni is run, or want a say over your education this is the place to get involved! It’s important that women’s voices are heard. We are the majority of the undergrad population, but not the majority making the decisions about how the uni is run.

WAC will be starting up as of week one of semester, but there’s so much to get done for NOWSA and Bluestockings Week and International Women’s day that we want to have a WAC Summer Sesh Femmo Love-In before Galentine’s Day, in the Wom*n’s Room or on South lawn if the weather’s too lovely to resist. There’s a Facebook event here and we will update on Twitter. New faces and old hands are always welcome.

The NUS Women’s Talk About It Survey, a survey of women’s experience of safety on campus is still open for submissions. It’s the only student-run survey of its kind and getting as many submissions as possible will make sure it’s able to represent your experiences, and then be used by universities and student unions to improve campus life. It does come with a trigger warning for harassment & sexual violence. Please share it around your networkWe’d love ideas on what you want to see happen on campus for International Women’s Day. E-mail us! We’ll also be hosting a White Ribbon BBQ with the Welfare Department on Wednesday 6th of March at midday, promoting the message of the White Ribbon Oath “I swear never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women.” Men and women from the University and Student Union as well as a White Ribbon Ambassador will be speaking and taking the oath.

Put the O-Week Welcome/Back Picnic and Ffffilm in your diary to kick start your year and welcome new students to the department/uni as a whole. Tuesday 26th February at 3pm in the Wom*n’s Room, straight after the Union Carnival on South Lawn. Here’s the Facebook event.

We are always around for a chat/vent and to hear what your concerns about campus life, and want from the department and the union more broadly.

Bluestockings Week, a national campaign celebrating women in higher education (and the peak of our dress coded calendar) is happening in May this year, get excited!

In solidarity,

Amy & Mercedes

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Stress Less Week

13 Aug
First off I want to say thank you so much to everyone who supported Bluestockings Week. From baking cupcakes, womanning the stalls, postering, petitioning and playing snakes and ladders, it was so great to have so many wonderful students get so into it! We had so much interest and involvement (and fun) from wom*n students from all across the uni, it was heartening to see so much support for the cause(s). Everyone should be really proud. If you haven’t signed the petition yet, it’s right here. SPREAD IT ROUND!

No rest for your student union though, right after working with the Wom*n’s department on Bluestockings Week the UMSU Education department is now running Stress Less Week, with workshops on mental health and self-care and THEN A JUMPING CASTLE. Srsly, get on it.

Meanwhile, in the Wom*n’s department, we’re back to our weekly fun:
  • Monday 1pm in the Wom*n’s Room: Women’s Action Collective (WAC)
  • Wednesday morning in the Wom*n’s Room: Stitch n Bitch
  • Thursday 1pm in the Wom*n’s Room: Girlzone (Tea, cake and conversation for queer and questioning wom*n)
  • Thursday 4.30pm in the Students’ Lounge, Ground Floor, Union House: FFFFILMS (open to all genders)

In sisterhood,

Amy x

What’s happening in 2012

29 Feb

We have big ideas and a big year planned in 2012. All of our events will be free or subsidised for students at the University of Melbourne.

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Wom*n’s Department News & Updates!

4 Oct

Hey everyone! A few things!…

i. Reclaim the Night – Meeting Tonight!
ii. Mooncup/Radpad giveaway + workshop
iii. Final Zine
iv. Other plans for the rest of the semester

i. Reclaim the Night (RTN) – meeting tonight!
RTN is creeping up soon and it would be great having more people to help collaborate to make the event amazing! Meetings are every Tuesday at 6pm in the RMIT Wom*n’s Room. More details here:

ii. Mooncup/Radpad giveaway + workshop
We are planning to have a rad pad/mooncup giveaway, as well as a DIY radpad workshop in a couple weeks (keep an eye out for more details soon)!
In the meantime, apart from awesome giveaways we hope this event will also be an opportunity to put out some info about menstruation products that are better for the environment and your health!…so if anyone wants to write a bit about this (e.g. why you love your mooncup/radpads, why non-reusable tampons & pads are bad for the environment etc.) please email your interest/ideas/submissions to womyns@union.unimelb.edu.au.

iii. Final Zine
We’d love to put together a final zine for the year but to make that happen we need YOU to contribute! One theme we thought of was “Why I am a Feminist” – it’d be great if we could get lots of different people sending in stuff (writing, art, poetry etc.) addressing that question.
Since it is the end of the year, another idea is for people to send in stuff reflecting (perhaps with fond nostalgia?!) on what the Wom*n’s Department has done throughout the year, what you’ve learned etc.
Really whatever you come up with – be creative!
As above, ideas/submissions can be emailed to womyns@union.unimelb.edu.au and also dropped into the Wom*n’s Department’s mailbox (in the OB space, 1st Floor Union House)

iv. Other plans for the rest of the semester
Apart from the above, our major final plans for the rest of the semester include holding self-defense classes and a big end of year bbq/picnic (hopefully tied in with a joint soccer game with the Queer Department!)

And then of course there’s our weekly events – Feminist Discussion Group (Every Mon at 12pm in the Wom*n’s Room, 1st Floor Union House across from the food co-op), Wom*n’s Action Collective (Every Mon at 1pm in the Wom*n’s Room – come along if you wanna help organize all this stuff we’ve got going on!), and Girlzone (Hangout for queer/questioning Wom*n, every Thurs at 1pm in the Wom*n’s Room)

Can’t believe the semester/year is almost over! Lets go out with a bang! xo

Radical Sex and Consent Week wrap-up

28 Jul

Anyone interested in writing a bit about Radical Sex and Consent Week?

*  *  *

Take our super fun and exciting survey:

What did you think of Radical Sex and Consent week? What could be better?

*  *  *

WAC, when?

27 Jul

Wom*n’s Action Collective (WAC) (recurring event)

Womens Action Collective

Come along to brainstorm ideas for activities and events and get active! What awesome stuff will the wom*n’s department do this year? …It’s up to all you rad wom*n out there to get involved and decide!

The poll below is only an example at this stage, we will plug in the definite time slot choices soon.

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