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Come & practive the flashmob dance moves!

17 Sep

another past melbourne flashmob!

Hey everyone, if you’re interested in the flashmob to help end the stigma surrounding abortion and reproductive choice, tomorrow’s the first practice session! Click here for the facebook event page.

There’ll be another session on Monday the 24th, and here’s the event page for that one!

The final flashmob will be happening on Sat September 30 in Fed Square, with everyone meeting at 10:15.

Get involved!


Wanna be in a feminist flashmob?!

10 Sep

Hey everyone! Here’s an invite from Reproductive Choice Australia to all students at Melbourne Uni to get involved with a flashmob! We’ll be practicing the moves at uni and you can also practice at home to the video they’ve made. Here’s the details:


Reproductive Choice Australia is throwing a Flashmob, and we want YOU to come. Dance in Melbourne’s CBD in support of women and against abortion shame, silence and stigma! The Flashmob will take place on:

  • Sunday September 30, 2012
  • 10:15am arrival, for an 11:00am sharp start

REGISTER NOW to be part of the fun. Dancing is uplifting and fun – the perfect antidote to shame. The Flashmob is a dance everyone can learn – check out our fun instructional video here

The Melbourne Flashmob is open to EVERYONE! Men are warmly invited to attend and every effort will be made to ensure disability-access. Rehearsal parties will be after work at the University of Melbourne on 18 and 24 September, for those who want to attend (more info on the times and rooms to be posted soon). We’ll supply the Flashmob t-shirts, which you are free to keep!


x Belle

Link Share Goodness!

9 Apr


Howdy everyone! Hope you had/are having a great weekend.

Here’s some link share goodness for you, and a big thanks to everyone who posted links to the umsu wom*n’s facebook group, as well to the newly created wom*n”s link share goodness page. I’ve tried to include them all here. Hopefully, if it suits everyone, the new page will be the best place to post interesting links you come across as it will pop up in your newsfeed rather than giving (annoying?) notifications all the time.

This link share goodness is a bit longer than usual as it’s uni break time… and I have assignments I should be doing instead. Enjoy!

– Bel

Link share goodness

18 Mar

Father and daughter in matching Wonder Woman-inspired outfits at a comics convention in the US. via bluemilk

Hey everybody!
Hope you all had a great weekend. Don’t forget, today WAC will be on (1pm), tomorrow is Stitch n Bitch (10am-12pm) then a special free mooncup/radpad workshop (1pm), Wednesday we’ll be discussing FEMEN & topless protesting, Thursday we’ll be screening Princess Mononoke.
Until then, here is some interesting stuff from around the web this week!

Link Share Goodness!

7 Mar

Thanks everyone for a great week! I’m going to try and do a semi-regular Link Share Goodness (which is just a collection of links to awesome/thought-provoking articles, pictures, quotes, videos etc from around the web) post again in 2012. Starting with this one!

Do you have Uni readings to do but want more interesting (and shorter!) stuff to read? Want something to read with a Sunday morning cup of tea – but not the crappy papers? Want to find great sites on the web writing about issues that are important to wom*n’s lives? Then yay link share goodness!

If you come across an interesting link during the week, post it in the comments or email to me.

– Bel


50 Years of the Pill in Australia

21 Nov


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