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Slutwalk wrap-up

28 Jul

A close shot of some of the crowd at Slutwalk Melbourne.
A photo published along with an article in The Age, taken at Slutwalk Melbourne. Katie, Hannah, Holly, & Belinda: totes famous. Maddee: sorry, you’re behind the sign I think!

Many people from the wom*n’s group and other Melbourne Uni groups took part in the march, or came for the speeches preceding the march itself. Of course many people within these groups, and at the march in general, had many different opinions on the myriad issues associated with Slutwalk, but there was a great sense of solidarity in the crowd on the day, and it was great to see people getting active.

Here are some different takes and views from around the interwebs in the wake of Slutwalk (I advise a trigger warning for almost all these links due to discussions and descriptions of rape/sexual assault):

Tits and Sass: I Think I Just Figured Out SlutWalk

The F Word: We’re Sluts, Not Feminists. Wherein my relationship with Slutwalk gets rocky.

To The Curb: SlutWalk: A Stroll Through White Supremacy

New Matilda: Can Tiny Hotpants Say It All?

Also, many noted that one of the highlights of the day was one of the speeches given prior to the march itself. You can find a transcript of that speech at SlutWalk: A Testimony By A Transgender Man.

** For a fantastic and moving piece on the pervasive rape culture that Slutwalk protested against, please read Rape Culture 101. **

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