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Feminist Discussion Group: Vegetarianism

2 Apr

[Trigger/content warning for some pictures and links after the jump (if you click ‘Continue reading ->’), which may contain graphic/violent/sexist/racist imagery. There’s no graphic animal cruelty pics though]

It is a common trope to present 'women as meat'

“The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites or women for men.– Alice Walker

So, are you interested in animal rights? In women’s rights? In environmentalism? There are many who see the oppression and mistreatment of animals as similar or interlocking with the systemic subjugation of women and degradation of nature. Of course, there are others who don’t!

This week we are having our weekly Wednesday discussion group about if and how all these ideas and struggles are connected. Everyone is welcome, and you definitely don’t need to be an expert or have come to any of our events before. Think of it as a more relaxed and fun tute – but with free (vegan) pizza!

We’ll also talk about some of the pitfalls others have fallen into by not taking into account their privilege on this issue (for example PeTA’s sexist ads, lack of acknowledgement of the luxury of saying no to foods, ignorance of indigenous hunting & knowledge systems, and ignoring how a common oppressive & racist technique is to compare humans to animals).

Phew! Definitely food for thought (har har!). Hope to see you there!

1pm Wednesday, Mary Cooke rooms, Level 2, Union House

Reminder: please only click ‘Continue reading ->’ if you are feeling tough… there’s some graphic images following!

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What’s happening with the Wom*n’s Dept

15 Mar


Hi everyone! A special hello to all the new people who’ve recently got involved with the dept – whether it’s been through coming to an event, or simply signing up to our website or joining the Facebook group. Hope to see you all soon, and don’t forget we know it’s really hard turning up to events or the wom*n’s room if you haven’t been before or in a while, so we will always be lovely and friendly if you are brave!

Here’s a quick update of what’s been happening, and what’s coming up.

International Women’s Day (IWD) was so great last week! The White Ribbon BBQ happened last Wednesday and was a huge success. So many people came to South Lawn to listen to the speakers and took the pledge to end violence against women.

The first Stitch’n Bitch got off to an awesome start this week. Had a good mix of crocheters and knitters… but no glue & glitterers yet 😉 It’ll be running again next Tuesday from 10am to around lunch time.

Special event: Free rad pad & moon cup workshop! Run with the lovely Environment Dept peeps, this Tuesday 20 March at 1pm in the wom*n’s room you can learn all about alternative menstruation products. If you haven’t heard of this stuff before, I know it can sound weird, but trust me, it’s worth knowing about even if it isn’t for you! Materials and friendly instructions will be provided.

Girlzone, a chilled hangout for queer or questioning ladies, run with the Queer Dept, is also going well. It was on today and will be on again in a fortnight.

  • Girlzone – Thursdays fortnightly 1:30pm in the wom*n’s room (next: 29 March)

The special IWD FFFILMS! screening of Miss Representation last Thursday was also fantastic with a big turn out – way more than we expected! – so thanks to everyone who came.

  • The next FFFFILMS! screening will be Princess Mononoke, Thursday 4:30pm – location to be confirmed
  • The following fortnight, due to popular demand, we might show Bring It On!

We’ve also started organising our big Semester One event with the Queer Dept: Rad Sex & Consent Week! We plan to have a great week 9 with talks, workshops and fun, learning or re-learning about sex, relationships, and consent, in a way that is wom*n positive, queer positive, enviro positive, kink positive, body positive, basically just a positive and supportive way!

Let us know if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see: think ‘something I’ve always wanted to know about sex but was too afraid to ask’!

Feminist discussion group: Femme identity & femininity

13 Mar


Tomorrow’s FDG topic is femme identity and femininity. We want to talk about how we approach femininity in feminist and queer communities and in our own lives, and discuss issues of empowerment, autonomy, gender policing, internalised misogyny, and choice. We will be discussing whether feminine expressions can be reclaimed in a space of self-love and power and what it means to identify as femme.

As usual, all welcome, and it doesn’t matter how much you already know or don’t know about this subject!

1-2pm in Mary Cooke rooms (level 2 union house – next to Rowden White library & George Patton gallery)


  • Cosmoqueer: The Femme Issue (PDF)
  • Femme Wikipedia Entry
  • Zine “On Being Hard Femme”
  • “They’re not femme! OR Who has the monopoly on femme?”
  • Excerpts from that chapter from Nobody Passes “And then you cut your hair: genderfucking on the femme side of the spectrum”
  • http://queerfatfemme.com/about/why-queer-fat-femme/
  • some of my best friends are FEMME
  • New topics for Feminist Discussion Group!

    6 Mar
    Picture of various pro-women stickers

    In each session we discuss different issues, looking at films, articles and other media, or just general life stuff. You don’t have to be an expert, or a woman to get involved – just enthusiastic! Feminism is not an isolated discipline, either, so expect to explore race, class and many other issues! Discussion group is organised by the awesome Dani: (check out her blog!).

    In WAC this week we had some great new topic contributions:

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    Feminist discussion group: Sex work, pornography, safety and empowerment

    23 Oct

    hi everyone,

    monday’s feminist discussion group will be concerning some anti-prostitution flyers that were placed in the wom*n’s room. Many wom*n felt uncomfortable with these flyers, and others support them– the bottom line is that there really ought to be a discussion about it! The issue was brought up at WAC, and we’re unsure who put them there, but think that it’d be constructive to have a proper chat about what we think!

    so please come along for a safe and open discussion about sex work, pornography, our attitudes towards it and wom*n’s empowerment and safety in these areas. any wom*n are welcome regardless of your level of knowledge on the subject, but be sure not to assume that people in the room may or may not be sex workers themselves.

    we hope that the wom*n’s room can always stay somewhere that’s welcoming to all wom*n, and that we can remain proactive in discussing important issues. this will also be the last feminist discussion group for the semester, so it’d be great to have everyone along.

    what: feminist discussion group – sex work
    when: monday 12pm
    where: wom*n’s room
    why: in response to anti-sex work flyers being placed in the room, but also because it’s a big issue that could do with discussing!

    hope to see you there!

    Food as a feminist issue

    9 Oct

    A photo of the Browns of River View, Australia with their weekly food displayed in the kitchen Photo from What The World Eats. Part One and Part Two.

    Hi all, feminist discussion group is running tomorrow at 12 in the wom*n’s room. We’ll be discussing the topic:

    Food is a Feminist Issue(?)

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    Event: Big Porn, Inc.

    5 Sep

    book cover: black background with 'big porn inc' in capital red and white text

    A new book, Big Porn Inc: Exposing the Harms of the Global Porn Industry, is being launched at the moment, and a talk will take place at:

    Faculty Function Room
    John Medley Building
    Melbourne University
    Tuesday, 13th September from 5:30 – 7pm.


    Now, this may a bit of a controversial event (and book) as there are many within the UMSU Wom*n’s Dept (and outside it) who have differing perspectives on pornography, the variety of feminist responses to it, and especially some of the writers who have contributed to this book. The event is posted here in the interests of impartiality and exposure for all feminist-related stuff happening on campus.

    Hopefully the event/book will be thought-provoking no matter where you stand. If anyone wants to attend, perhaps we could incorporate this into Feminist Discussion Group.

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