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Article published about Rad Sex & Consent Week

6 May

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The charming Mitchell Toy of the fair and open-minded tabloid newspaper The Herald Sun has kindly promoted our event!

However, it would be much appreciated if you would take the time to read and comment on the piece as there are a few inaccuracies and mistakes made, namely:

  • there is no ‘furore’ or ‘controversy’ at Melbourne Uni but much positivity around the week, and surely Mr. Toy wouldn’t want to whip up a controversy where there is none;
  • they seem to have accidentally used the word ‘performing’ when they meant ‘demonstrating’, and ‘live and extreme sex show’ instead of ‘sex education demonstration’;
  • a bum massage is not what everyone would deem ‘extreme’! Or, ‘too graphic to be detailed in the Herald Sun’!;
  • they seem to be a bit confused about the fact that while some money went towards the week none was paid for the workshop in question (and of course all the unpaid work many students and guests have done to make this week such a success is ignored!)
  • Oh, and please kindly request that one Charley Daniels not speak as though she is an expert on the sex lives of ‘the vast majority of students’! Or, for that matter, be represented as a Student Councillor when she is not.
  • It’s amazing that Ms Daniels was ‘amazed’ to find the workshop matched its published description. Amazing!

You can read more at: http://radsexconsent.com/2012/05/05/free-publicity-for-rad-sex-consent-week-thanks-herald-sun/

Please take a moment to comment on the article, or send your thoughts directly to Mr. Toy at toym@heraldsun.com.au.



Rad Sex & Consent update

2 May

Well we are about to start day 3 of Rad Sex & Consent and it’s been awesome so far! Today Nina Funnell – a special guest of the Wom*n’s Dept – will speak on consent.


*trigger warning for mention of sexual assault*
Nina is a courageous woman who turned a horrific experience into a platform to campaign for the rights of all Australians to live free from physical and sexual violence. In 2007, Nina experienced an awful attack by an unknown man before she managed to escape. She reported the incident to the police and then broke her story to the media in an attempt to reclaim control of the situation.

Since then she has written numerous articles for the media about violence against women and has become a public spokesperson for survivors of assault. She volunteers with The Step to the Future Foundation and last year she travelled across Australia speaking to over 15,000 high school students and students at six universities. She is a member of the management committee of the NSW Rape Crisis Centre and takes every opportunity to raise the community’s awareness and understanding of this important issue. She has also worked with national football clubs and organisations on issues of gender awareness & assault reduction.

You can read some of her articles here.

Hope to see you today at 1:30pm at Joe Nap A (near Rowden White library – level 2 union house), or if you can make today, there will be 2nd wom*n-only consent workshop tomorrow in the wom*n’s room at 11:30am!

Radical Sex and Consent Week wrap-up

28 Jul

Anyone interested in writing a bit about Radical Sex and Consent Week?

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