Wom*n of Colour Collective

Welcome to the UoM WOC Collective! This collective seeks to carve out a much needed intellectual and social space for wom*n of color, including African, Asian, Pacific Islander, Aboriginal, Indigenous, Latin@, Arab, or multiracial wom*n at the University of Melbourne campus. This collective provides the opportunity for wom*n scholars to examine our histories and imagine better futures. By making visible the contributions of wom*n of color and engaging in critical conversations across disciplines, the WoCC aims to create social change. Please remember to respect and value the diversity of experiences from everyone in the group and to make it a safe space for everyone. Also remember to have fun building this amazing community of awesome wom*n of color!

we all can do it

Art made by Chelsea Valentin Brown at soirart.tumblr

Women of Colour Collective (WoCC) will be held at 12pm on Tuesdays, Wom*n’s Room,  Union House Level  1


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