Stitch n Bitch

OK awesome people – anyone with any craft skill, or just enthusiasm, a glue stick and some glitter, come to the women’s room at Union House,  Thursdays from 4pm onwards. We can look into changing the room if there are any fellas who are interested!

I reckon allowing a couple of hours will hopefully mean people can come and go as their timetable suits them. Of course, you’re welcome to get your knitting on in the women’s room at any time. And you’re still welcome to hang out if you aren’t making anything!

We have heaps of wool, felt, stuffing and glue, paper and other things!  Come along and go wild with creativity.

We could make things for ourselves, gifts for others, for a charity such as KOGO, or create a yarn bombing crew!

Let us know if you’re interested, or just drop by.


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