Feminist Discussion Group (weekly)


Feminist Reading Group

Each session we will discuss different issues, looking at films, articles and other media, or just general life stuff. You don’t have to be an expert, or a woman to get involved – just enthusiastic! Feminism is not an isolated discipline, either, so expect to explore race, class and many other issues!
When: Weekly, beginning Wednesday March 5th (Week 1) from 1pm to 2pm(ish) in Joe Nap Room A, Union House
Where: Mary Cooke  Room B – level 2 union house except week 2+3 will be in the Training Rooms on the Third Floor of Union House
Who: YOU. And anyone else interested of any and all genders. Everyone is welcome, including people who aren’t female-identifying. Come along to share your ideas or just have a listen, and meet new people!


    • Week 1: Privilege
    • Week 2: 12-2pm Why MRAs are only a destructive force- a facilitated panel will be for the first hour then free questions from the floor and an open discussion afterwards


    • Week 3: Men and Feminism; a Workshop for men beforehand 12-1pm then discussion 1-2pm


Week 8: Feminism and Faith
Week 9: Women’s Health
Week 10; What is Feminism?
Week 11; Sexism in Activism
Week 12; History and present situation of Reproductive Rights.


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