Self-Defence Classes

Fight Like A Woman

(english: fight like a woman!)

Update: classes now full – thanks everyone for your response! Sorry to those who’ve missed out on a place. We will contact you if we run this again!

Guardian Defence have kindly agreed to run a custom course for wom*n attending Melbourne Uni, to be held at their specialised facility (8-10 Peveril St Brunswick VIC 3056), and at a greatly discounted price! This will consist of an 8 hour course over 4 sessions, and will be running on Monday evenings 5.45pm-7.45pm from 16 April – 7 May:

  • Session 1: Monday 16 April – 5.45pm-7.45pm (2hrs)
  • Session 2: Monday 23 April – 5.45pm-7.45pm (2hrs)
  • Session 3: Monday 30 April – 5.45pm-7.45pm (2hrs)
  • Session 4: Monday 7 May – 5.45pm-7.45pm (2hrs)

Google Maps

All sessions will be at:

8-10 Peveril St

Brunswick VIC 3056

(Show on Google Maps)

The price for each individual will be $20, or $5 per session, again, this is a greatly discounted amount. On top of Guardian’s discount, the UMSU Wom*n’s Department will be covering much of your cost.

I did the course the Wom*n’s Dept ran last year, and it was great fun! As well as learning all the skills, doing some exercise, and feeling really tough, it was great to meet other people from uni as the class size is about 45. Closer to the date we can organise with confirmed people traveling there as a group if anyone is unfamiliar with the location or would prefer it.

From Guardian:

Participants will learn, practice and gain confidence in a range of skills including:

• Environmental Awareness – How to assess potential threats, How close is too close, Methods for maintaining safe distance, De-escalation techniques and Disengaging from potential and imminent threats.

• Utilising Your Environment to Increase Defensive Capabilities – Learn to use everyday items such as your bag, umbrella, cane, pen, drink bottle, keys, coins and environmental objects such as light poles, walls, parked cars etc. to assist in your defence.

• Releases from common grabs, holds and chokes that potentially lead to significant harm or death. Also learn to use grabs to assist with target acquisition and control.

• Priority targeting – learn to maximise impact by targeting specific vulnerable areas on the attacker such as eyes, throat, and groin.

We will also provide:

All necessary training equipment
Professional tuition by female instructors
And hold public liability insurance cover


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