Rad Sex & Consent week

The History of Rad Sex and Consent Week

Rad Sex & Consent Week 2012 is a great event taking place on campus in week 9 of first semester, 2012. It is run by the Wom*n’s Dept, as well as by the awesome Queer Dept!

We are currently organising everything to ensure we have an amazing line up to help us “radically re-think and re-learn Sex Education”. We hope to present a range of workshops and events centred on making sex safer and more respectful for ourselves and others, as well as all the ways we have great sex!

Our aim is to hold events, workshops and facilitated discussions around themes of consent and sexual health (and many other related topics). The point of the week is to cater to and celebrate diverse sexualities while presenting a range of ideas that educate and promote sexual health and consent in relationships and sexual encounters. In general we hope to counter the limited heterocentric sexual education most of us have experienced so far (especially with regards to the politics of consent and safer sex practices for queer sex).

What’s happening in 2014?

Rad Sex and consent week is a University Queer and Women’s Department joint event that occurs annually in a jam packed week of learning how to have fun, safe sexy times and the activities associated…like learning how to create the perfect chocolate sauce…for you to lick off your partner’s back. This year though it’s going to be bigger and better than ever!

With the combined efforts of La Trobe University Wom*n and Queer Departments, Melbourne University Wom*n’s, Queer, Disabilities and Indigenous departments, Monash Universities Queer and Wom*n’s and Victoria Universities’s Queer Department it’s going to have events across a broad university network with workshops in all locations open the students from all universities.
So say you go to Melbourne but live in Clayton and don’t have classes on the Wednesday but think there is a cool workshop at Monash Uni then Go to it!!!

For Individual University Timetables click on the following links;

La Trobe:

We will also be having a Cross campus opening and closing events as well as a cross campus zine!! But unfortunately, these chocolate sauce recipes don’t write themselves. We would like you to help us in our quest to create the perfect chocolate sauce and make a damn amazing Rad Sex and Consent Week happen.
We’ll be needing people to write/draw/photograph and contribute in any way for the “Rad Sex and Consent Zine: 2014” (the theme for the zine is in the name…though A+ for a good chocolate sauce recipe)

If/ when you get your creative juices flowing shoot us an email with your submission or question to queer@union.unimelb.edu.au or womyns@union.unimelb.edu.au.

Also at all universities we will need volunteers to sit in workshops and make sure that everyone is having a good and safe time by listening and supporting anyone who might be having a bad time during the week.We will provide you with training for this.
If you are interested in this contact your university reps;

La Trobe
Queer ltsu_queer@latrobe.edu.au
Women’s ltsu_womens@latrobe.edu.au

Mebourne Wom*n’s
womyns@union.unimelb.edu.au or
Queer queer@union.unimelb.edu.a

Queer msa-queer@monash.edu
Wom*n’s msa-womens@monash.edu

The Dry Opening Picnic Event
Date: Sunday 13th April
Starting time: 1.30
Place: some beautiful picnic spot at the VCA
Food: please bring some food or drinks to share. The departments will be providing some food and drinks but the more supplies the better. This will be a dry event though so please no alcohol!!!
Entertainment; Some fun and safe games will be going on to ensure the funsies.
There will be two BBQs: one for meat one for nonmeat. We will try to take into account any and all dietary requirements if you let us know! Feel free to send us pms or emails.
Ending time; None at this stage!! it is a sunday though so make sure you leave in time to get home safely on sunday public transport

Not so dry Closing event
Date: Thursday 17th April
Drinks/ Food:


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