Win A double pass to a comedy festival show!

21 Mar

Hi All we recently received the email below about a comedy festival show;
They have given us two double passes to give out so we are going to run a little competition! We are calling for submissions currently for the Rad Sex and Consent magazine. Write/ draw something for the Rad Sex and Consent Magazine and submit it to us at by next Friday 28th of March and you will be in the running to win one of the two double passes to see this show!

Written submissions can be no longer than 600 words.
Please note you must be over 18 to win the tickets.
You must identify as a wom*n to enter the competition.
For more info on Rad Sex and Consent week;

Date tickets can be used on
Thursday’s During MICF – 3rd, 10th and 17th April
Venue:The Butterfly Club

Good luck and happy creative creations!

Hi UMSU Womyns Department,

Hope this email finds you well! I’m writing to tell you about That Sexy Show – it’s Melbourne’s newest (and sexiest) comedy panel show, with two teams of comedians and sexperts exchanging hilarious banter about all things sex. The show is quite unique as it is distinctly queer-friendly, sex-positive, body-positive and feminist – and is probably the only panel show you will see where female guests often outnumber males guests!

You can find out more about us at, or



14 Mar

Hey All Just a quick post to let you know that Wom*n’s Action collective has changed time!!
It will not be at 12-1pm on Mondays so as not to conflict with the Disabilities Collective. 

Hope to see you this Monday!

Yummy Yummy Rad Sex

11 Feb

If you are planning on or think you might be interested in coming to Rad Sex and Consent week fill out this form so we make sure we can cater for everyone for the picnic and the party!!!
Thank you!!

What’s rad and sexy and rhymes with “Dad eats but resents leek”?

5 Feb

Rad Sex and Consent Week!

It’s a Melbourne University Queer and Women’s Department joint event that occurs annually in a jam packed week of learning how to have fun, safe sexy times and the activities associated…like learning how to create the perfect chocolate sauce…for you to lick off your partner’s back
Unfortunately, these chocolate sauce recipes don’t write themselves. We would like you to help us in our quest to create the perfect chocolate sauce and make a damn amazing Rad Sex and Consent Week happen.

We need volunteers to sit in workshops and make sure that everyone is having a good and safe time by listening and supporting anyone who might be having a bad time during the week. We’ll also be needing people to write/draw/photograph and contribute in any way for the “Rad Sex and Consent Zine: 2014” (the theme for the zine is in the name…though A+ for a good chocolate sauce recipe)

If any of these jobs tickle your fancy, shoot an email to or

For up to date info:

Rally for your Autonomy!

24 Jan

So Good old Geoff Shaw and the Liberal Victorian government started discussing repealing Section 8 of the Abortion Law Reform Act particularly 8.1.B which reads that a registered medical practitioner who has a conscientious objection  must;

(b) refer the woman to another registered health practitioner in the same regulated health profession who the practitioner knows does not have a conscientious objection to abortion.

Women still face a lot of problems with catholic hospitals and conscientious objectors, to take away section 8 would be exceedingly problematic.

Thus there is a growing network of women and allies who are willing to defend our right to autonomy and get out on the streets. Some of the plans are two events leadings up to a large rally;

Wed 5th Feb at 7:30am at the back of Parliament House at the entrance to the carpark
Wed 12th Feb at 12pm at Geoff Shaws office in Frankston
Then the  rally and a march on the Saturday the 15th of February at 1pm at the State Library.

If you want to get more involved there is an organizing meeting at 6pm on the 29th of Jan at Trades Hall.

The University of Melbourne Wom*n’s Department will also be holding a summer Wom*n’s Action Collective where we will paint signs and maybe a banner for the rally. If you would like to come along to the rally please do so! However if you are, understandably, nervous about attending a potentially confrontational  rally feel free to just attend our painting session. 🙂

To stay up to date with the WAC event click here

To read the legislation follow this link;

Wom*n’s Mentoring Network

17 Jan

Would you like to be get involved with the Women’s department here at university? Would you like to be part of a group that shares information and tips on how to get jobs and achieve during you Bachelors? Would you like an opportunity to network with other women in the university and professionals in the field you are hoping to make a career out of? Then this is the program for you!!

What is the Women’s Mentoring Network?
The Women’s Mentoring Network is a professional networking group, which allows women to meet, talk and share experiences in a casual setting. The network will group undergraduate students with post graduate women in their field, it will also invite significant key note speakers for the group at large. The Network will provide support and training for the mentors, an opportunity for leadership that will make them more outstanding graduates in the work force.
Our women’s mentoring network provides a structured and trusting relationship that brings undergraduate women together with caring individuals who have successfully made it into postgrad and started careers in many different fields who provide support and encouragement  and knowledge to our women mentees. The Mentors a are a sounding board and wealth of experience for mentees to learn from.

Meeting approximately once a fortnight (depending on the mentor) as well as having monthly networking events it is truly a program that will help you get ahead!
To sign up fill out this form;

Think you could be a mentor? We are looking for postgraduate women students or undergraduates returning to study or doing their first degree but having worked in the work force with information and skills to share.
You would only have to meet with you mentee group (approximately 1-5 mentees per mentor) once a fortnight for about an hour on average. We will provide you with all the necessary information and training you need for this program! It is a truly great program that was a huge success last year and we hope to continue it this year

Sign up here;


10 Jan

Hey Everyone!!!

So the newest officers at in office! At the moment Caroline and I, Steph, are planning the adventures the wom*n of Melbourne University can partake in during first semester of 2014.
The first big event, of course, is O Week!!!! Woooo funsie!!

During O week we are planning to have new showbags full of goodies to hand out (condoms, lube, pads maybe some stationery)  to new, incoming students. Then also in the wom*n’s room you can make your every own showbag full of extra things for all our wonderful Wom*n, new and returning! In these you can put brochures, stickers, fake tatoos, some shirts, some free bags some lanyards. ALL THE FREE THINGS!!
After you are done taking all you want you can then turn around to the front of the Wom*n’s room and watch some feminist movies/ tv shows and rest your feet after such an exciting day. 

Keep watching this space for more upcoming and exciting news.
BAM WOW there already is more!
One of our major long term events is the Women’s Mentoring Network which we have already started working on for this year. To find out more about the history and aims of the event take a look at our blog page about it OR sign up straight away because you know it will be awesome if it’s coming from this department 😉…/1lgTUNqSC…/viewform

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