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14 Apr

Hey All 
If you are attending NOWSA and are a student at the University of Melbourne please let us know so we can subsidise you!! Woo money!!

NOWSA hosts an annual conference for female identifying students to talk about the issues facing women today and share skills to do something about it.

NOWSA 2014:

Hosted by the ECU Women’s Community from Edith Cowan University in Western Australia.

Supported by: The ECU Student Guild
For more Info:

Please Register for NOWSA;

Notes: Send us (University of Melbourne Student Union)
Your registration costs. You may still have to pay part of the accommodation cost but the 100 dollars of rego we will pay for!

Secondly; make sure you choose their accommodation unless you are finding your own. We at UMSU and with umsu will be using the provided accommodation.

The register with us!

If you don’t register with us as well we won’t be able to give you the full amount of monies.

At the end of the registration form you will have to send us an email at with a screenshot of your receipt.

Becuase it’s rad sex and consent week we will close registrations with us at the end of the break.
If you have any questions or aren’t sure about something please email me at


Come & practive the flashmob dance moves!

17 Sep

another past melbourne flashmob!

Hey everyone, if you’re interested in the flashmob to help end the stigma surrounding abortion and reproductive choice, tomorrow’s the first practice session! Click here for the facebook event page.

There’ll be another session on Monday the 24th, and here’s the event page for that one!

The final flashmob will be happening on Sat September 30 in Fed Square, with everyone meeting at 10:15.

Get involved!

Wanna be in a feminist flashmob?!

10 Sep

Hey everyone! Here’s an invite from Reproductive Choice Australia to all students at Melbourne Uni to get involved with a flashmob! We’ll be practicing the moves at uni and you can also practice at home to the video they’ve made. Here’s the details:


Reproductive Choice Australia is throwing a Flashmob, and we want YOU to come. Dance in Melbourne’s CBD in support of women and against abortion shame, silence and stigma! The Flashmob will take place on:

  • Sunday September 30, 2012
  • 10:15am arrival, for an 11:00am sharp start

REGISTER NOW to be part of the fun. Dancing is uplifting and fun – the perfect antidote to shame. The Flashmob is a dance everyone can learn – check out our fun instructional video here

The Melbourne Flashmob is open to EVERYONE! Men are warmly invited to attend and every effort will be made to ensure disability-access. Rehearsal parties will be after work at the University of Melbourne on 18 and 24 September, for those who want to attend (more info on the times and rooms to be posted soon). We’ll supply the Flashmob t-shirts, which you are free to keep!


x Belle

Bluestockings Week

28 Jun

Hello everyone, and hope you’re enjoying your uni break! The website has been on a bit of a hiatus as we’ve all slogged through exams & essays, then got the flu, then kinda gone into holiday mode a bit, but also still working away in the background organising our NOWSA collective. Only a week until we go away to Canberra… can’t wait!

In the meantime, we wanted to let you know about a big Semester 2 event that is in the works. We’d love any interested people to get involved – you don’t need any special experience or knowledge, just some enthusiasm and keenness to meet new people! Run in conjunction with the National Union of Students, it’s called Bluestocking Week:

Bluestocking is a campaign which celebrates women in higher education. The ‘week’ will run from the 6th-17th of August. This year’s Bluestocking Week will focus on the original bluestocking themes of celebrating women’s intellectualism; advancing feminism through education; and rebelling against social constructs that prescribe roles for women’ including those of class, race, sexuality and culture, that restrict women’s freedom of expression and thought – and we will add a modern (or postmodern) twist. Bluestocking Week is coordinated by the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) Women’s Action Committee (which has representatives from each State) and the National Union of Students Women’s Department. Events are being organised at national, divisional and university level. The project will be launched by Jane Garrett MP and Jeannie Rea, President of the NTEU at La Trobe University, Eagle Bar (event details here:

In terms of what’s happening at Melbourne Uni, that’s where you come in! We’d love you to be part of the organising collective. Please drop us a line at if you’d like to be a part of making the week happen, and getting your thoughts and ideas about women & higher education out there.

Happy uni break everyone!

– bel

NOWSA looks like it’s really shaping up!

7 Jun

So, this is something that comes up when you search wom*n going to Canberra. lol.

Hope everyone’s surviving assessment time!

Just a quick post to say the ANU students hosting NOWSA this year are working away hard and are super excited about the week! Stay tuned for more information about speakers and workshops.

So far we have around 10 confirmed unimelb wom*n going with a further 10 or so expressing interest (but reserving their final decision until after their uni work is done and they can think about something besides frickin goshdarn word limits for a second!) We should have the money situation worked out early next week so we can start letting you know about costs & reimbursements. Then can start figuring travel arrangements.

So if you’re interested in finding out more or potentially coming along, don’t be shy! There’ll be a fair few new faces and it doesn’t matter if you haven’t been involved with the department before. In fact, a NOWSA trip is how many wom*n students have got to know each other in previous years.

Email if you haven’t already done so 🙂

NOWSA (or: road trip!)

21 May

Every July, a conference for wom*n students is held at a different university each year. It’s called NOWSA which stands for Network of Women Students Australia. Last year it was in Sydney and Melbourne Uni sent a rad group along. For those who went, it was great fun to meet new people from our own university and from other ones, as well as meeting speakers and presenters and learning a lot. I know that for me personally, I made a lot of friends and I became much more involved with the Wom*n’s Dept & the student union. This year ANU (Canberra) is hosting and the dates are 9-13 July.

We are currently wanting to find out what you think about attending! We have some accommodation and funding set aside for interested unimelb students, so come along to WAC today at 1pm to find out more. There’s still details to be added by ANU, so some people are reserving their decision on attending until more is released. You can check out their website at (where I’ve copied the following ‘about’ info from):


The Network of Women Students Australia was established in 1987, founded on ideals of creating a grassroots, autonomous network concerned with issues that impact women and women students. NOWSA provides a platform for women’s organising across universities and in the wider community through resource, skill and knowledge sharing both in conference and through web branches of the network. The network continues to shift, grow and change, but constantly places feminist agenda at the forefront. Women of all ages, sexuality, ability and experience have the opportunity to be involved.

The NOWSA conference runs for 5-days, giving voice to women students and allowing them to engage with personal, political, social, and cultural issues that are relevant to women. NOWSA is now an annual conference, held from year to year at different universities, and encourages networks to be developed with women from across Australia.

2012 marks the 25th anniversary of NOWSA’s establishment, in 1987 at the ‘Women on Campus’ conference held at ANU. Thus the theme for this years conference has been selected as ’25 Years On: Her Story, Her Future’. The conference will host speakers and workshops that surround this theme over the course of five days.

If you’re interested, email!

Feminist discussion group: Femme identity & femininity

13 Mar


Tomorrow’s FDG topic is femme identity and femininity. We want to talk about how we approach femininity in feminist and queer communities and in our own lives, and discuss issues of empowerment, autonomy, gender policing, internalised misogyny, and choice. We will be discussing whether feminine expressions can be reclaimed in a space of self-love and power and what it means to identify as femme.

As usual, all welcome, and it doesn’t matter how much you already know or don’t know about this subject!

1-2pm in Mary Cooke rooms (level 2 union house – next to Rowden White library & George Patton gallery)


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  • Femme Wikipedia Entry
  • Zine “On Being Hard Femme”
  • “They’re not femme! OR Who has the monopoly on femme?”
  • Excerpts from that chapter from Nobody Passes “And then you cut your hair: genderfucking on the femme side of the spectrum”
  • some of my best friends are FEMME
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