About the Womens Department

UMSU Wom*n’s Dept.

We’re the Wom*n’s Department of the University of Melbourne Student Union.   We advocate for women students within university structures,  fight for a feminist society, support your activism, and eat only the finest of cupcakes.  If you’re a woman at Melbourne Uni, we represent YOU.

The lifeblood of the department is student involvement.  We’re not into deciding what you need and doing it for you — we’re here to listen to YOUR ideas, YOUR concerns.  So get heard and get involved — join one of our collectives!

Email us at womyns@union.unimelb.edu.au to tell us what you want/think. We’ll also have a box in the Wom*n’s Room as of the start of semester so that you can do it anonymously.

There is no power without people. If you want the kind of society you deserve, you’ve gotta get active!

The Wom*n’s Room

The Wom*n’s Room is a right, not a privilege. Your Wom*n’s officers aim to facilitate a safe, autonomous (wom*n only) space, free of queerphobia, racism, sexism and judgment.

You can chill out, study, rest, eat your lunch (from our beloved food co-op of course) or join in a discussion. The Wom*n’s Room is a haven away from the patriarchal space on campus. It allows for autonomous organising. Come and develop ideas, network, learn skills and share experiences so we as wom*n can effectively respond to wom*n’s priorities.

Facilities in the Wom*n’s Room include (free!!) access to coffee, tea, fridge, microwave, couches, a computer, tampons, pads, dams and condoms. There is information on women’s health, services for women both on and off campus, sexual and reproductive health, and fun stuff to get active and involved in. We have a large bookshelf full of wonderful wom*n-centred books you can borrow.

Not to mention, the amazing group of women your will meet and get to know throughout your degree!

Wom*n Online

This site is going to try to be a reflection of the wom*n’s dept, the wom*n’s room, and the awesome people who make up both.

There is no ‘aim’ for this site, it will hopefully instead grow organically in whichever way, size, or form the community behind it wants. Anyone can contribute or get involved, from entering a short comment, voting in a poll, sharing an interesting link, right up to posting an entire entry on anything you like.

If you don’t feel confident with computer or Internet stuff, hopefully this can be a chance to learn a thing or two from the awesome geeky wom*n in the collective, who are more than willing to answer any question!

It is very early stages yet but keep dropping by as more is added.


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