Wom*n’s Department Fair

28 Apr


The Wom*n’s Department Needs Your Help!!

We are looking for donations of clothes, baked goods, nail polish and Bris-a-brac to be sold at our Fair on Wednesday 7th of May. If you have anything at all to donate please come and drop them off at the Wom*n’s Office in through the Student Representatives Door!
We will accept just about anything!
We will be reselling this good and foods to fundraise for NOWSA (the annual Women’s conference this year being held in Perth) which is a great opportunity for women to get involved, learn skills and network with women across Australia!
Note: Please only bring in Baked goods on the day ie Wednesday 7th of May

Please also let us know if you are able to donate/ are thinking you can find something to give us to sell by emailing Womyns@union.unimelb.edu.au

Then make sure you come along and bring your friends along to the fair! Along with selling things we will be teaching people how to knit and painting nails (for a small fee).

Fair Details

When: Wednesday 7th of May
Time: 12-3pm
Where: North Court TBC.
( If not in North Courth we WILL Definitely be on the SECOND FLOOR of Union house)
What: Yummy food, fancy nails, new skills to learn and lots of goods to buy!


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