What’s rad and sexy and rhymes with “Dad eats but resents leek”?

5 Feb

Rad Sex and Consent Week!

It’s a Melbourne University Queer and Women’s Department joint event that occurs annually in a jam packed week of learning how to have fun, safe sexy times and the activities associated…like learning how to create the perfect chocolate sauce…for you to lick off your partner’s back
Unfortunately, these chocolate sauce recipes don’t write themselves. We would like you to help us in our quest to create the perfect chocolate sauce and make a damn amazing Rad Sex and Consent Week happen.

We need volunteers to sit in workshops and make sure that everyone is having a good and safe time by listening and supporting anyone who might be having a bad time during the week. We’ll also be needing people to write/draw/photograph and contribute in any way for the “Rad Sex and Consent Zine: 2014” (the theme for the zine is in the name…though A+ for a good chocolate sauce recipe)

If any of these jobs tickle your fancy, shoot an email to queer@union.unimelb.edu.au or womyns@union.unimelb.edu.au

For up to date info:


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