Rally for your Autonomy!

24 Jan

So Good old Geoff Shaw and the Liberal Victorian government started discussing repealing Section 8 of the Abortion Law Reform Act particularly 8.1.B which reads that a registered medical practitioner who has a conscientious objection  must;

(b) refer the woman to another registered health practitioner in the same regulated health profession who the practitioner knows does not have a conscientious objection to abortion.

Women still face a lot of problems with catholic hospitals and conscientious objectors, to take away section 8 would be exceedingly problematic.

Thus there is a growing network of women and allies who are willing to defend our right to autonomy and get out on the streets. Some of the plans are two events leadings up to a large rally;

Wed 5th Feb at 7:30am at the back of Parliament House at the entrance to the carpark
Wed 12th Feb at 12pm at Geoff Shaws office in Frankston
Then the  rally and a march on the Saturday the 15th of February at 1pm at the State Library.

If you want to get more involved there is an organizing meeting at 6pm on the 29th of Jan at Trades Hall.

The University of Melbourne Wom*n’s Department will also be holding a summer Wom*n’s Action Collective where we will paint signs and maybe a banner for the rally. If you would like to come along to the rally please do so! However if you are, understandably, nervous about attending a potentially confrontational  rally feel free to just attend our painting session. 🙂

To stay up to date with the WAC event click here

To read the legislation follow this link;


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