Wom*n’s Mentoring Network

17 Jan

Would you like to be get involved with the Women’s department here at university? Would you like to be part of a group that shares information and tips on how to get jobs and achieve during you Bachelors? Would you like an opportunity to network with other women in the university and professionals in the field you are hoping to make a career out of? Then this is the program for you!!

What is the Women’s Mentoring Network?
The Women’s Mentoring Network is a professional networking group, which allows women to meet, talk and share experiences in a casual setting. The network will group undergraduate students with post graduate women in their field, it will also invite significant key note speakers for the group at large. The Network will provide support and training for the mentors, an opportunity for leadership that will make them more outstanding graduates in the work force.
Our women’s mentoring network provides a structured and trusting relationship that brings undergraduate women together with caring individuals who have successfully made it into postgrad and started careers in many different fields who provide support and encouragement  and knowledge to our women mentees. The Mentors a are a sounding board and wealth of experience for mentees to learn from.

Meeting approximately once a fortnight (depending on the mentor) as well as having monthly networking events it is truly a program that will help you get ahead!
To sign up fill out this form;

Think you could be a mentor? We are looking for postgraduate women students or undergraduates returning to study or doing their first degree but having worked in the work force with information and skills to share.
You would only have to meet with you mentee group (approximately 1-5 mentees per mentor) once a fortnight for about an hour on average. We will provide you with all the necessary information and training you need for this program! It is a truly great program that was a huge success last year and we hope to continue it this year

Sign up here;


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