10 Jan

Hey Everyone!!!

So the newest officers at in office! At the moment Caroline and I, Steph, are planning the adventures the wom*n of Melbourne University can partake in during first semester of 2014.
The first big event, of course, is O Week!!!! Woooo funsie!!

During O week we are planning to have new showbags full of goodies to hand out (condoms, lube, pads maybe some stationery)  to new, incoming students. Then also in the wom*n’s room you can make your every own showbag full of extra things for all our wonderful Wom*n, new and returning! In these you can put brochures, stickers, fake tatoos, some shirts, some free bags some lanyards. ALL THE FREE THINGS!!
After you are done taking all you want you can then turn around to the front of the Wom*n’s room and watch some feminist movies/ tv shows and rest your feet after such an exciting day. 

Keep watching this space for more upcoming and exciting news.
BAM WOW there already is more!
One of our major long term events is the Women’s Mentoring Network which we have already started working on for this year. To find out more about the history and aims of the event take a look at our blog page about it OR sign up straight away because you know it will be awesome if it’s coming from this department 😉


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