Blue Stocking Week is upon us!

27 Apr

It’s time! Not in a Gough Whitlam way, though the increasing cost of higher education will be a recurring topic throughout the week.

Blue Stocking Week is a national campaign run by the National Union of Students and the National Tertiary Education Union, celebrating how far we’ve come while calling women to arms to make sure we don’t become complacent and constantly strive for equality.

It’s an opportunity for women across Australia to celebrate how far we’ve come since the early days of female enrollment, and to contemplate how we have left to go.

We will be selling blue stockings to help you get into the spirit of it throughout the week, for a donation to Shakti Migrant & Refugee Women’s Support Group.

Get involved. Get excited. Get sassy. Get educated. Get even.


Monday 29th April

  • BBQ & Giant Game of Snakes & Ladders on North Court 12-2pm

Here’s the Facebook event.

Tuesday 30th April

  • “Where are the Women?” Scavenger Hunt around campus

Ever wished the entire university could become your playground for a giant scavenger hunt? Ever wished you knew more about the influential women to have walked the grounds of this university before us? THEN THIS IS THE SCAV HUNT FOR YOU! Come to North Court during the Tuesday BBQ to get your first clue and then see where the scav hunt takes you! Here’s the Facebook event.

Wednesday 1st May

  • Panel on “Being a Woman in a Boys Club.” 12pm, Old Arts Theatre A

Featuring: Margaret Shiel (University Provost, background in science), Sally Coates (Former navy, currently manager at UoM Safer Community Program), Judy Courtin (lawyer and PhD student, conducting research into sexual assault and the Catholic Church). Ahem, a Facebook event to let people know with.

  • Cross-Campus Panel: I am woman, hear me type! 7-9pm, Victoria Room, Queen Victoria Women’s Centre – 210 Lonsdale St

Panellists: Clementine FordKaren PickeringAmber JamiesonAmy Gray.

$3 for student union members (Incl. Melbourne University students), $5 for future members/non-students. All proceeds to Shakti

Here’s the Facebook Event

Presented by LaTrobe, Swinburne, Monash & Melbourne Wom*n’s Departments.

Thursday 2nd May

  • Pay Gap Cupcake Stall. Taking donations of $1 from men, 80c from women and 70c from trans* & SGD folk. All money collected will be donated to Shakti Migrant & Refugee Women’s Support GroupWe need as many lovely ladies to bring in cupcakes as possible, pretty please!  Here’s a Facebook event.

Friday 3rd May

  • A cross-campus statewide display of sass at the State Library Blue Stockings BridesDress code: bridal gown and blue stockings. MRS degrees provided. Run with Swinburne Student Union & La Trobe Student Union Women’s Departments.
  • Networking drinks at Tsubu from 3pm. Here’s the Facebook event, tell ya friends.

bsw banner


Aren’t we already equal? Yeah but NAH, bro. Here are some links to read up on.

On the gendered pay gap:

Gender Pay Gap Still a Disgrace: It hasn’t improved much in the past 20 years.

It got worse this year, we get paid less from when we graduate

On who the original Blue Stockings Society were:

On women’s representation at university:

Breakdown of how many women in teaching and leadership roles at the University of Melbourne


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