Bikes and Blue Stockings!

12 Apr

So it’s getting to be that delightful autumn weather with crisp mornings and sunny afternoons, the kind of sunny that doesn’t make you want to move underground (I’m looking at you, Melbourne Heatwave :|)

It’s pretty much perfect for riding your bike to uni (if you ever want to remember you can use the showers in the Basement of Union House, you can get the key from the Info Desk, and ask them about a locker as well… They have all the answers, about everything.)

So we’re excited to be running a bike workshop with the Environment department for women and trans* identifying students on Monday, on North Court from 1-4pm! Here’s the Facebook Event.

Then in a couple of weeks, it will be Blue Stocking Week, celebrating women in higher education!

Here’s the page with our event calendar and some links to read up on!

Monday: BBQ & Giant Game of Snakes & Ladders on North Court 12-2pm

Tuesday: “Where are the Women?” Scavenger Hunt around campus

Wednesday: Panel on “Being a Woman in a Boys Club”

Thursday: Pay Gap Cupcake Stall. Taking donations of 80c from women and $1 from men, starting the conversation about how women earn 83c to every diollar a man earns (on average). All money collected will be donated to Shakti Migrant & Refugee Women’s Support GroupWe need as many lovely ladies to bring in cupcakes as possible, pretty please!

Friday: A cross-campus statewide display of sass at the State Library Blue Stockings BridesDress code: bridal gown and blue stockings. MRS degrees provided.

Also, LaTrobe, Swinburne & UMSU Women’s Collectives are whipping up a zine for BSW! YOU SHOULD TOTALLY SUBMIT TO IT! (But not in a patriarchal gender roles woman is submissive and docile way, obviously)

bsw banner

In sisterhood,



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