Let’s Launch: Ladies Who Lunch With Ladies.

12 Oct

There’s always a lot going on in the Wom*n’s Room. But on Thursday at 1pm it’s been a bit sad, “Girlzone” is teeny tiny (but quality) and we were thinking maybe having “girl” in th etitle (which had been around for years) was a bit infantilising and cis.

And it’s getting to the end of semester and everyone’s stressed and lazy which is making people more stressed and then more lazy. So why not relaunch it and have an excuse for a bit of a party in the last throes of semester two?

Ladies Who Lunch With Ladies is a fun time with lunch and cake and tea provided by the Wom*n’s Department! It’s a chance to meet other ladies who like ladies and talk about stuff. Like anything really, like who’s going to Grouse this weekend or be that Babysitter’s Club style circle of friends you never had or rant about all the heteronormative bullshit that you just had to put up with in your tute. Most importantly, if you think you might be queer but don’t really want to go to a “Queer” event because you don’t feel “queer enough” yet, you are totally welcome. You’re invited. This is for you.

So there’s a Facebook event of course. And this poster.
And we’d love to see you there.

In sisterhood,




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