Event today: Frameworks for Exchange [Sorry for late notice!]

17 Feb

On Friday 17 Feb (today!) from 2 till 4.30pm, the Potter will host a workshop designed and facilitated by artist Alex Martinis Roe. This is a unique opportunity to participate in a workshop exploring authorship, inter-general relationships between female authors and feminism more broadly.

Attendance at the workshop is free but places are limited. For bookings and further information, contact Suzette Wearne or 03 8344 0407.

The artist who has designed and will facilitate this workshop, Alex Martinis Roe, constructs situations that she then documents and exhibits in ways that address gender politics and the future of feminism. This will be the second Frameworks for Exchange Workshop. The first (see image) was held at the Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, in conjunction with a solo exhibition at Pallas Projects, Dublin.

The workshop involves three main tasks, which are undertaken in pairs. Each of the tasks involves discussion of the specific relationships each participant has to the female authors that have been influential for her-him, and involves different ways of working together and listening to one another. During the workshop in Dublin, the difference between relationships to authors the participants knew in person were explored in contrast to relationships that remain in the experience of reading books.

Each of these tasks is recorded and documented in different ways by the participants. In the first workshop, the decisions that each participant made about what to record during each conversation became an important way to develop ideas for future practices. The creation of a selective history also became a self-reflexive exploration of the politics of the archive and its relationship to feminist histories.

This workshop would be particularly relevant for those interested in the importance and quality of inter-generational relationships between female authors and feminism more broadly. It would also be of interest to those concerned with the relationship between speech and text, event and document, and the politics of the archive. The workshop will be a chance to engage with people with similar interests working in a diversity of fields, including but not limited to history, literature and art. It will also be a chance to experiment with different sound recording technologies as parallel tools for conversation.

The workshop is presented in conjunction with Alex Martinis Roe’s work in the exhibition ‘Post-planning: Damiano Bertoli, Julian Hooper, Andrew Hurle, Alex Martinis Roe, Michelle Nikou’.



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