Mural in the Wom*n’s Room

2 Feb

In case you haven’t heard, we have an fantastic project happening right now in the Wom*n’s Room. Amy’s brilliant efforts ensured we had a freshly painted and steam cleaned room all ready for 2012. And so on that seemingly new slate we were very lucky to be able to commission an amazing local street artist to paint a mural for us and bring some colour back to the room. Below I’ll intersperse pictures of the mural coming to life with our reasons for wanting to do this.

The clean (but still messy!) women's room

They even painted the bookshelves!

      •  It is part of our aim to attract many more students to the room.


      • We want to appeal to all students, and so are aiming to create a room with a wide mix of visual influences – we want an interesting and professional looking room.

Beginning the mural

      • The repainting that was just done has unfortunately resulted in lots of the artwork/writing created on the walls by previous users of the room being covered over, and we don’t want to ‘whitewash’ the room.

Undercoat complete!

      • Our department aims to utilise our budget both efficiently and, as much as possible, by supporting independently working women. In this case, we are choosing to support a female graffiti/street artist who works in an ‘industry’ that is heavily male dominated, and also lacks any formal efforts at working towards, or monitoring of, diversity. Where we do contract women, we aim to pay them in accordance with their skill level and time, as too much work by women is underpaid, or not paid at all.

Yay colours!

  •  Due to art generally and street art specifically being male dominated, we believe it is important to support and display women’s art. Providing a wall for a female artist is an incredible way to achieve this. We are also more generally supporting Melbourne’s street art scene through this project.

More colours and line work added

Up close

When we get the rest of the room tidied up, the new couches installed, and a few more bit and pieces sorted out the room is sure to look amazing. Hope you come by and check it out!

View from the doorway

– Bel


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