Wom*n’s Department Regular News & Updates!

25 Oct

i. Atheism and Sexism (and FREE FOOD!) hosted by the University of Melbourne Secular Society (UMSS) – Tomorrow!
ii. Reclaim the Night – This Thurs!
iii. End of Semester picnic potluck (followed by party times!…) – This Fri!
i.v. Sentimental Spiel

i.Atheism and Sexism (and FREE FOOD!) hosted by the University of Melbourne Secular Society (UMSS)
Tomorrow (Wed Oct 26th) at 1:00pm the Uni Melb Secular Society is having a Discussion on Atheism and Sexism. Should be interesting (& I’m sure it would benefit from some of us from the Wom*n’s Department going along & sharing our perspectives)! More details here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=301923893167539

ii. Reclaim the Night – This Thurs!
Reclaim the Night is an annual rally and march asserting wom*n’s right to freedom from violence, rape or fear – however they dress, wherever they go.
See here for more details on the event (including this year’s amazing guest speakers) here! http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=233333863374301

iii. End of Year picnic potluck (followed by party times!…)
To celebrate what a great year the Wom*n’s Department has had we will be having a picnic potluck this Friday at 2.00pm (with free food/drinks). See event page here! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=186275658119579&context=create
Also, if you’re up for a big day/night, both these events will be happening later on this fri (anyone who wants to can head to them all together after some picnic-ing)!

End-of-semester Queer Space Party

#OCTOPI CO-OP: A HOUSE PARTY (A fundraiser for the fabulous food co-op, neighbors and friends of the Wom*n’s Room/Department!)

i.v. Sentimental Spiel
Hope everyone who has engaged with the Department this year has gotten heaps out of it/learned lots/enjoyed it as much as I have!
BIG thanks to those who have come along to WAC/been part of the Wom*n’s Collective/helped out and also to everyone who has just come along to events/been involved in any way, big or small.

While this is the final week of uni semester, if you still want/need a regular feminist hit dont forget the keep visiting our website during the break, which will continue to be active. Also keep an eye out for potential working bees/get togethers etc. during the break.

Otherwise hope to see ya next year! xxo


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