Love Your Body Day

20 Oct


It’s Love Your Body Day! (Well, it was actually yesterday. But no matter!) From the NOW website:

Today, the National Organization for Women Foundation celebrates its 14th annual Love Your Body Day—a day when women of all sizes, colors, ages and abilities come together to celebrate self-acceptance and to promote positive body image. Since the launch of Love Your Body Day in 1998, NOW Foundation has used the campaign to challenge the unrealistic beauty standards and gender stereotypes promoted by the media, Hollywood and the fashion, cosmetics and diet industries.

Do you love what you see when you look in the mirror?

Hollywood and the fashion, cosmetics and diet industries work hard to make us believe that our bodies are unacceptable and need constant improvement.

Advertisements reduce us to body parts — lips, legs, breasts — airbrushed and touched up to meet impossible standards.

The media tell women and girls that cosmetic surgery is good for self-esteem.

Is it any wonder that around 80% of women are dissatisfied with their appearance?

Together, we can fight back.

Love Your Body: Get Talking!

The first step in moving beyond unrealistic standards of body and beauty is to get talking about the common themes found in media images of women. We must encourage ALL people to think critically about the images they see every day instead of passively accepting them.


The Let’s Talk About It project is encouraging women to speak up and speak out about body image — on camera. It is a unique video campaign, providing a space for women and girls to talk about struggles and success with body image. Read the press release.

Now Showing!

Sex, Stereotypes and Beauty: The ABCs and Ds of Commercial Images of Women

This presentation illustrates and describes how advertisers and the media enforce unrealistic beauty standards, sexual ideals and gender stereotypes that girls and women are expected to follow. What is the impact of these images, and what can YOU do? Find out.


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