Self Defence Classes starting next week – secure your place now!

14 Oct

Put em up!

We have just confirmed with Guardian that the self defence classes will be held on Wednesday evenings at 5.45pm over 4 weeks, starting next week (Wed Oct 19th)!

We have decided to hold the classes at the Guardian Defence studio not only because it is more spacious and thus will allow more people to participate but also because it is “fitted out with a padded scenario room/hall, a bus, and padded floor matting so that we can take training to another level of realism” thus ensuring the classes will be of the highest possible quality.

Guardian Defence is located at 8-10 Peveril St Brunswick Melbourne Victoria (approximately a 25 minute tram ride from uni).

See here for more details on directions/how to get there…

Also, for the first week (and possibly others if people would like) for anyone who wants to head over as a group we will be meeting in the Wom*n’s Room (1st floor Union house, across from the food co-op) at 5.00 then catching a tram together from there.

Again, to ensure that the largest amount of people as possible can participate, while the classes will not be entirely free they will be heavily subsidised at only be $6 per class (1/4 of their normal price of $25 per class) which adds up to only $24 for all 4 weeks.

Excitingly there has been HEAPS of interest in the classes. Unfortunately the classes can only accommodate 45 people maximum which means that some people may miss out. But the good news is that given the huge interest these classes have generated, the Wom*n’s Department will most likely run them again next year. With this in mind, this time round we will be giving preference to students who will not be at uni next year (e.g. because they are on exchange, this is their final year etc.) as well as Student union members (because without the student union the Wom*n’s Department wouldn’t exist and initiatives like this wouldn’t be possible!). Otherwise it will be first come first serve, so get in quick!

To confirm your interest in taking the classes please fill in the registration form below. We will inform you of whether or not you are among the 45 people who will get to take the class before next Wednesday. For those we can’t accept this time round we will make sure to inform you of future classes we hold so hopefully you get a chance to participate next time.

Follow this link to fill out the registration form & officially Sign Up! Sign up here


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