Event: Cherchez La Femme: Feminism and Fat

1 Aug
Tuesday 02 August · 7:00pm – 9:00pm
351 Wellington St (cnr Alexandra Pde)
Collingwood, Australia
*  *  *  *  *  *
“Did you know there was a fat acceptance movement? Or that fat activists campaign for the right to reclaim the word “fat”, demand better “fatshion” and advocate for social acceptance of good health at any size? I didn’t until recently but I find it fascinating in terms of the feminist fight to stop the policing of womens’ bodies. Not only do we direct a lot of hatred at ourselves for being “too fat” but there’s a strong misogynis…t streak in social commentary around what women’s bodies should look like. I invited some great thinkers from this movement to come and talk us through these issues and hopefully shed some light on a topic that is rarely looked at from this angle in the mainstream media.

After gathering some original and engaging commentators on fat acceptance, we welcome to the CLF stage for the first time:

Elizabeth Sutherland – @mymilkspilt & mymilkspilt.wordpress.com,​ feminist

Jackie Wykes – @sizeoftheocean & fatuosity.net, feminist

Lilli Hingee – @frocksnfroufrou & frocksandfroufrou.com, feminist

Jenny Lee – academic, gender and body image commentator, feminist

And Elizabeth has a very helpful FAQ page if you want to get started with your thinking! http://mymilkspilt.wordpre​ss.com/about-fat-acceptanc​e/

I’m excited to be rallying the Cherchez la Femme troops again for August and I reckon this is gonna be a cracker! Hope to see you there…


Also, I’m @jevoislafemme if you’re on Twitter!”


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