An Open Letter to Kaley Cuoco, Who Has Been a Bit of a Bellend

7 Jan



This has been said a million times before; and no doubt more eloquently and with more conservative use of the word bellend. But the fact of the matter is, that if you, as a male/female/any of the glorious things in-between, refuse to call yourself a feminist, then you are being a bellend. With that in mind, Kaley Cuoco’s recent comments about feminism (in an interview with Redbook magazine) make her look like a bit of a prat. It isn’t really her fault; she’s obviously uneducated on the topic, and it isn’t up to her to lead a feminist revolution. The fact is that feminism is currently having a ‘moment’ (see Beyonce, Chanel), and every famous female now gets asked their views on the subject. So here’s an open letter to her to prepare her for the next time she gets asked. It worked with that guy who…

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Judy’s Punch 2014

10 Nov

This year we printed Judy’s Punch, the annual magazine for the University of Melbourne Wom*n’s Department and have uploaded the full edition of Judy’s Punch here as well for everyone to browse.

There are still a number of hard copies available in the wom*n’s room.

Feminist Discussion Groups; All the topics for Second Semester!

3 Aug
    • Week 1: Privilege
    • Week 2: 12-2pm Why MRAs are only a destructive force- a facilitated panel will be for the first hour then free questions from the floor and an open discussion afterwards

    • Week 3: Men and Feminism; a Workshop for men beforehand 12-1pm then discussion 1-2pm

Week 8: Feminism and Faith
Week 9: Women’s Health
Week 10; What is Feminism?
Week 11; Sexism in Activism
Week 12; History and present situation of Reproductive Rights.

Commerce for Women Week

27 Jun

Commerce for Women Week (working name)
A New UMSU Wom*n’s Department Initiative!
When: Week 4 of Semester
Dates: 18th August- 22nd August
We are looking for people to recommend or run workshops!
Expressions of Interest to

The Commerce for Women Week (working name) will run in week 4 of semester 2, 18th -22nd August. It will involve a number of workshops run throughout the week at various times on various topics. It will include everything from how to manage Centrelink, how to do your taxes, understanding super to economic theory, management theories, marketing and personal branding. There is also possibly going to be speakers on topics such as why having paid maternity leave tied to your wages is a problem.

We are looking for people to run workshops during the week. You can either pick up one of our ideas listed below or suggest your own! We will be happy to work around your timetable (when you receive it) to ensure you are able to run your workshop with ease! If you also have a friend/ tutor/ lecturer/ program/ company who you think would be good to be included in this program let us know!

Some workshops we are looking for people to run;
~ How to do your taxes by yourself
~ How to navigate Centrelink
~ Budgeting how to manage your money!
~ Understanding the Stock Market
~ Intro to Marketing
~ How to draft a Business Proposal
~How to Balance your cheque book and other basic accounting skills
~Resume Writing
~ Time and Task Management
and more! Get in touch to see what else is on our list or suggest what you would like to see on it!

Expressions of Interest to

Welcome Back Party for Wom*n

27 Jun

Welcome Back Party for Wom*n

Date: Week 1 Wednesday 30th July
Time: 4pm Onwards!!
Place: Wom*n’s Room, First floor union house
Event: Fun, Food and Free Clothes!

After all our fundraising we have a lot of left over goods, shoes, nail polish and clothes! So we thought we would have a afternoon of fun to welcome people back to semester!

It will be held in the wom*n’s room on the first floor of Union house and all women will be welcome to come and have some food, play with the nail polish and try on some clothes. There will be music, great company and fun. Feel free to bring any female identifying friends along! We will also be free to talk to anyone who has questions about our events for the semester.
The clothes will be welcome to anyone who would like them as will the shoes and bric a brac we have also collected. Any leftover will be clothes will be donated to charity.

Women’s Mentoring Network night for Semester Two

24 Jun

Hey all,

So we have organised the first Women’s Mentoring Network night for Semester Two!

Time: 5-7pm
Location: Training Rooms 1 +2, Third Floor of Union House, University of Melbourne
Date: 6th of August

The night will start at about 5pm and the talk will start at about 5.20 so for anyone who has a class till 5.15 can still make it! After the talk there will be time for networking with everyone! And as always there will be food!

Our Guest Speaker is Dr. Fran Martin. Dr Martin has studied at Melbourne University as well as a university in China and one in Taiwan. She has previously worked at La Trobe University and has published numerous books which gives her a broad range of experiences. For a longer bio read on;

Fran is a subject coordinator for gender studies subjects, and her research focuses on television, film, literature and cultural production in contemporary transnational China. She studies both her BA with Honours at Melbourne and her PhD. Dr Martin is fluent in Mandarin and spent two years studying at Beijing Second Foreign Languages Iinstituteand East China Normal University as well as two years in Taiwan.

Fran has also worked at La Trobe University and has published numerous books including Angelwings; Contemporary Queer Fiction in Taiwan, AsiaPacifiQueer: Rethinking Genders and Sexualities.

See you there!

The other nights for Women’s Mentoring Network will be the following;
~Thursday  28th August   Graham Cornish A+B Second Floor of Union House
~ Monday 15th September    Graham Cornish A+B Second Floor of Union House
~ Tuesday 14th October     Graham Cornish A+B Second Floor of Union House

Email List

16 May

Hey all,

The UMSU Wom*n’s Department has created an email list! Please sign up if you are interested in receiving updates on events coming up, campaigns, fundraisers and PRIZES and Give aways!
This will hopefully reduce the amount of events we invite you during the week. So please sign up so you keep updated on what is happening!! It’s really quick and only about 4 questions long!

Sign up here!

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